Saturday, 20 April 2013


It's time for every body to know about Spoken Tutorial Project which is promoting Free Open Source Software all over India. The Spoken Tutorial project is about teaching and learning a particular Free and Open Source Software like Linux, Scilab, LaTeX, Python, PHP & MySQL, Drupal, Java, C/C++, Libre Office and many more by organizing a 2 hours free workshop through the video tutorials recorded by Spoken Tutorial Team IIT Bombay. After completing the workshop in about two hours, students can revise the tutorials and one can go for the online Spoken Tutorial certification exam on the particular Free and Open Source Software.

I thank my college management for accepting the proposal of Resource Center for Spoken Tutorial Project. Jayamukhi has Inaugurated Resource Center for Spoken Tutorial Project  on 15th April, 2013.

Jayamukhi will always be first in taking this kind of initiatives for the benefit of students all over the Andhra Pradesh. In Jayamukhi, The training workshops have started in the month of March 2013 and around 200 students from our college have enjoyed the trainings conducted in over 8 batches. Special thanks to Mr. Raj Kumar Sir who helped me in conducting the workshops. As a Resource Center, Jayamukhi wishes to contribute towards IT literacy and make India IT Literate. 

In the next 3 months, JITS Resource Center has decided to spread Spoken Tutorial Project for 50 Engineering, Polytechnic and Secondary Schools all over the Andhra Pradesh Region.

I thank Shyama Mam for promoting me as Self Workshop Promoter for Andhra Pradesh Region and visiting warangal for Inauguration Function. It was my pleasure to be with Syama Mam for the whole day. I'm proud to be a student of JITS which helped me in growing my leadership skills apart from my academics.

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Monday, 1 April 2013

Event Debrief - MozMantra'13

Mozilla Club Warangal has successfully hosted MozMantra'13 as the celebration of 15 years of mozilla on 30th March, 2013 and committed to host it every year. The total number of attendees who attended the event this year are 122.

The event started with an introductory session on open source and openweb by me.  As per the schedule Hema has given the session on products of Mozilla which made the audience to get to know about the products as most of the people associate Mozilla with only Firefox (because of less time she couldn't show the demo of each product).  Later I just gave an introduction on mailing list, irc then after I gave brief introduction on all the projects present in getting involved page of Mozilla (

After this suddenly out of 122 students, 5 students left off by giving their valuable feedback as satisfactory.then Ajay Jogawath has given a session on Webmaker followed by Srikar Ananthulsa's session on WebFwd catched the attention of the audience with the cool video shown by him and he encouraged the participants towards WebFwd scout.  After that a session by Anil kumar on Project NeMo with a demo on how to edit wiki by me was presented. Though the rats were growling in the stomach's of participants they  listened the session with patience.

After the lunch A session on WebDevelopment by Sudheesh Singanamalla has described about what is Internet, how the web is built using Html,CSS and JavaScript. This session added beauty to the event. Hema has given a session on Marketing Stragegies which can be played with mozilla which made most of the students interested to get involved in marketing side then a session on localization by Abhishek has been carried out. Participants has enjoyed his session as he is a newbie getting started with l10n and some of his friends asked him tricky questions which he couldn't reply then I've answered to their questions.

After Abhishek's session of localization, Maniraj has demonstrated about the Firefox Flicks Competition and has shown the cool 5 videos which were selected in previous firefox flicks competition. I've shown the career opportunities at mozilla ( and then introduced Fireox Student Ambassadors Program, about how to become official volunteer of Mozilla i.e  about 
Official Mozillian and about Mozilla Reps Program. Ice Breaking session by Shashank Rao made the audience to roll on the floor and laugh..:v .

MozMantra'13 made a mantra on the Senior Mozilla Club Warangal Members and made them to join us at the event (Saikiran,Abhimithra Surabhi, Dhapu Srivani & Deepika Deepu). We all discussed about the next activities that can be carried in Mozilla Club Warangal.

We asked the participants to give the feedback on the stage, a student of JITS 'Ravula Rajesh' said that this is the first event in my life which I ever attended and listened till the end, thanx to the team members of MozMantra'13 foe bringing Mozilla awareness among us. A Student from NIT W 'Devendra Kumar Dora' said that: "MozMantra'13 has given good knowledge on getting involved with mozilla and I'm interested in coding, I will surely contribute my part in it". Another student from Vaagdevi Engineering College said that: "He got an awareness on firefox os and want to develop apps for it". Finally we distributed the goodies to each and every participant

The event wrapped up with a melodious telugu song "priyatama.. ne nechata kushalama...nee vachata kusahalamey..." sung by Mr. Shashank is still playing in my mind.

I thank the Mozilla Reps "Srikar Ananthula" and "Hema Bhanu Priya" who were present as Rep Attendees for the event and made it successful. I thank Kranthi for capturing the event in the lens of his cam and helped me in uploding the pics on to the flickr. I thank Manoj and Saikanth who has helped me to get the permission from the Deen of NIT W to make this event happen in their campus. I couldn't have done this event without the support of Rahman who helped me in making the ground work for the event. He acted as a treasurer for this event and Hemanth who has taken the step forward to look after the technical issues.  A special thanks to the all the volunteers Bhargav, Sujith, Shashi, Hitesh, Swetha, Sampoorna, Mithuna, Srujana and all others who helped me directly or indirectly for making the event so successfull.

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