Sunday, 22 September 2013

Maker Party in a Birthday Party

Today it was a special day for me, I was very happy, super excited to celebrate one of our webmaker Hitesh's birthday party planned by my juniors. We (Me,Ajay, Maniraj, Hitesh, Bharath, Santhosh, Vineeth, Abdul GhaniSudheer and Manoj) all thought of celebrating it in a restaurant which was a usual thing for us, then got an idea why not having a Maker Party in a birthday Party. All of us planned all of a sudden and arrived to Fort Warangal which has historic importance and as it was a Sunday, many people would visit the Fort!!

We all gathered by 11 am, and planned what to do and how to do. First we all invited the people who were present in the Kush Mahal (one of the buildings of Fort Warangal) while cake cutting in order to attract them and let them participate in Maker Party, everybody sung the birthday song and greeted birthday boy Hitesh. Cake was distributed among all, after that it was a time to start the Maker Party.

At that time we had a 10 years old kid and a guide of Kush Mahal who was of  68 years old. We were divided into groups, I and Ajay went to 68 years old grand father 'Mallesham'. Abdul Ghani and Vineeth Reddy started interacting with 10 years kid 'Raju' and rest of them were in search of new people coming in!! When we started interacting with them, we discovered that there is no signal for internet. There was no other option for us except to tell him about the history of computer, it's uses, story of web and Mozilla, our mission and about the webmaker project. After telling them the mission of Web Maker Project he felt very happy with the awesome work our community is doing. I have shown them pictures of Maker Party which we hosted in warangal, Grandfather also wanted to create a page, so I used notepad editor and made him to write his name, his profession and about his family. After seeing his name in the browser happiness was blooming in his face.He also wanted old telugu songs to be loaded in his mobile, Ajay told how the songs could be loaded in a mobile using the memory card from a computer, he loaded grand father's  favourite songs and made grandfather so happy...:)

Vineeth started showing the kid about the basics of internet, how to start using Firefox Browser, he told about email, facebook etc. It was Hitesh who managed in getting the crowd, in few time,good crowd gathered around us,there were auto drivers who joined us in the Maker Party, Maniraj and Santhosh told about the story of Mozilla, why we are here and what we wanted them to do, as there was no internet, they told about the Mozilla Community.

We also had an on-sight photographer present at kushmahal, he also joined us in the maker party, Bharath, Sudheer and Manoj did the same job which we were doing. He told that every Sunday there will be many people coming here and he wanted us to come every sunday and host Maker Parties..:) Finally Sudheer distributed Firefox Stickers to all of them.

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Firefox OS App Days Wgl

NIT Warangal in coordinating with Mozilla Club Warangal has successfully hosted "Firefox OS App Days", the first ever kind of 24 hours over night hackathon in Mozilla India Community on 17th August,2013.Sudheesh, Mozillian from NIT W was the main organizer for the event on NIT W behalf , where in I was the Organizer on Mozilla's behalf.Jaipradeesh, Srikar, Devendra Dora, Jayanth, Sai Kiran, Srikanth ,Hema, Hitesh, Rahman, Ajay,Hemanth,Maniraj,Bhargav and Kranthi were all the Rep and Mozillian Attendees for the event.

The Event started with an Introduction to Firefox OS, why it is important to build apps for Firefox OS and how to earn money out of it by Sudheesh and then Jai gave an introduction on b2g project, clearly explained what gaia and geecko means, and also introduced Firefox OS MDN. There were newbies in html5 but who had a great interest in making apps for Firefox OS. For them Sudheesh took a session on basic tags of html5 and Devendra Dora a Mozillian from NIT W took a session on CSS3. Now all the participants were familiar with building basic web page and then I took a chance to Introduce Mozilla Web Maker Project, introduced the most popular tool "Thimble" of  Web Maker Project. Later I introduced the various ways to get involved in Mozilla.

Delicious lunch was arranged by NIT W, every one had their belly full of lunch and returned back to the hall to develop apps. In the next 2 hours after lunch, participants came to an idea on what app to build and how to build. Jai and Sudheesh were continuously helping the participants in building the web apps, API's etc. The hackathon continued till 8 pm and then again it was time to have dinner. All the participants had their dinner and came back to the hall by 9:30 pm.

An informative talk by Prof. Anjaneyulu DRDO Resource Person, Professor at NIT W was given a presentation on Open Source and it's importance in real world. Sir also gave good suggestions to the students which boosted their enthusiasm towards their Open Web App Development for Firefox OS. Muted BAT MAN movie was played from Mid Night in order to not to disturb the serious developers.The hackathon continued till morning 7 am. 
Participants tested their apps till morning on Emulators and also on Dreamulators (A new word invented for those who emulated their apps in their dreams..:) ).

Before moving to break fast, Sudheesh and Jayanth from NIT W have explained a detailed step by step procedure to push their apps on to github and made participants feel happy and proud for their first open source application available in their repositories. Then all of us moved to have breakfast, then after their was apps showcase, Great news was that we expected 8- 10 apps but the outcome was around 23 apps. A professor from NIT W was the main judge for the apps, where in best three apps were selected based on their UI,Creativity and Social Cause.

List of Apps:
1.Shop now
2.Movie imdb
7.Tic tac toe
9.Incredible india
10.Warangal & Techno jits
11.Programming c guide
12.Geek clock + rock paper
13.My links + clicks 
14.Donate blood
17.Mentor's pal
18.Hack protection 
19.Love calc
20.Profile management
22.Sms bomber

This is the first event in the history of Mozilla Club Warangal which was a huge and huge success. Kudo's to Sudheesh, Jayanth, Jai,SaiKiran and Srikar for putting their lot of efforts and for making this event a huge success.


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